Surfing is the king of extreme water sports. Learn to surf with us and not sit idly on the beach when the wind is not blowing. If there are big waves, just grab a board and go surfing! During the lesson you will learn how to move with a surfboard in the water, what conditions are good for a beginner, how to prepare the equipment, how to properly warm-up, how to surf safely and most importantly how to catch your first wave!

  • Surfing lesson: Group 49 € per person for 2 hours
  • Private surf lessons: 60 € for 2 hours
  • Rent surfboard with leash 20 €
  • Rent surfboard from with wetsuit 25 €

surf and relaxThe course price includes insurance, an experienced instructor and all the equipment: board, wax, leash and wetsuit.

Relax is the best word describing Tarifa. Here, nothing happens in a rush. The beautiful and long beaches are the best natural theme park in Europe. During windless days (Not many since there's 300 days of wind a year), or if you just want to relax. You need to know that Tarifa is not only the best kitesurf spot in Europe but also the perfect place to relax and rest.
Tarifa offers a whole range of entertainment:

  • SUP
  • Diving
  • Rock climbing
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Massage
  • Biking
  • Paddel
  • Tours on the Dolphins and Orcas
  • Tours of the nearby hills and other wild beaches
  • Guided tour on Gibraltar
  • Trips to Morocco
  • Unforgettable surf party
  • Lounging at the most beautiful beach in Europe

And much more





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